Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking at Local Religious Communities Engagement with Media

In week four you will be asked to do participant-observation in a local religious community and reflect on their engagement with media.  This also relates to section four of your first paper for COMM 460.  In order to complete this assignment you will need to take note of and respond to the following questions:
  • What forms of media do you see displayed or advertised in the worship building?
  • What media forms are used in the worship service?
  • How are attendees instructed/encouraged to interact with the media in certain way?
  • What seem to be the core beliefs/values of the community emphasized in the service?
  • What seems to be the relationship between the community and the larger world/culture and the media?
Based on this please post a 50-100 word summary as a comment to this post summarizing where you did you observation what you learned about the particular group's use and negotiation with media before class on 27 September.  Looking forward to hearing about what you learned!


staci said...

I know I am not suppose to comment on the blog i am suppose to post but for some reason it is not allowing me to do so.

I had the opportunity to attend a Sunday evening Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Center off of University. At my observation I learned more about the Catholic rituals that are conducted, during a Mass. The Bible is only handled by the priest. I learned that the songs they sing, the prayers they recite, and the order of the service is in a book that is set behind each of the pews, so you can follow along with the service and recite the correct sayings.

Kelsey Kayser said...

On Sunday September 25th, I visited St. Mary's Catholic Center for their 5:30 P.M. mass service with Staci. Their media was primarily in the textual form. They have a Seasonal Missalette and a hymnal type book called the Gather. The Missalette had the order of the service written out and all the bolded words were what the congregation knew to say in unison. I believe their visual media could be in the form of the three dimensional plaques hanging along both sides of the cathedral representing the Stations of the Cross or the stages of Christ (burial, resurrection, etc.) Digital media wasn't used in the service but the priest did reference their website. St. Mary's have attempted to modernize their services by incorporating a worship team that sang contemporary songs that I was familiar with from my own church service. I've heard more traditional Catholic services sing only the songs in the Missalette and they sing them without musical accompaniment.

Michelle High said...

I attended a Sunday Morning service at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints First Ward, Bryan. It was certainly not the kind of service I am used to attending. I stuck out like a sore thumb in a room full of young married couples with children and families. A missionary was quickly sent to sit with me as soon as I was spotted as a visitor. There was not really any use of digital media in the service itself. There was a microphone and an organ played, but that was basically it. But the General Conference was the topic of great discussion since it it coming up next weekend, this is a talk broadcasted by the leaders of the LDS from Utah to all the stakes throughout the world. This is a big event held biannually in the LDS and is one way the church uses digital media to its advantage.

Sarah Connell said...

I attended First Baptist Bryan and observed a contemporary Sunday morning service there. They had textual media in the form of bulletins being passed out when entering the sanctuary and Bibles and hymnals in church pews, though many people brought those with them. Digital media was displayed in the form of PowerPoint slides that followed along with the words of the popular praise and worship songs and also contained notes and verse references from the pastor's sermon.This service also played video clips and made reference to following the church on Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets.