Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Although I haven't visited a mosque yet, there is a lot to be said by solely viewing the website of the "Islamic Community of Bryan College Station". Although the format is very simple asthetically, the content is sufficient to educate beleivers and nonbelievers alike on the type of organization Islam prides itself in being. The home page has three main links. One gives you the opportunity to learn more about islam by scheduling a meeting or even a visit to the mosque. The other option is for people who are new to the area, and the third option is a portal where you can go to donate to the mosque. Having researched the history and beliefs of the Islam religion, it is clear why these three categories are addressed immediately on their home page. Islam stresses the role of community and helping one another. It is no surprise that the they would want to teach their faith and help new comers, to better emerge them into the islam community. Another aspect of community that they hold high is "zakat" or the idea of giving money to help the common good of the community. These three links: donation, new comers, and informationals represent three fundamental values of the Islam community, and their simple but helpful website clearly represents that.

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